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The Chinese Kung Fu Organisation of Warrington

The Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the leading Kung Fu club in Warrington offering the teachings of the original and authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu syllabus as practiced by the likes of the famous Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung .

Situated in the heart of Warrington, the Chinese Kung fu Organisation boasts a fully matted indoor training area, kids and family classes, adult classes, our own instructors course and host numerous seminars throughout the year including weapons, Chi Sau and close combat skills amongst many others.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate style in martial arts or to just improve your general fitness the Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the club for you, come along and experience it for yourself. From complete novices to seasoned martial artists, we offer a fun and friendly atmosphere with the greatest teaching concepts.

Chief instructor Sifu Tong Liu, a true genius, gentleman and master in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and our amazingly skilled mentors will encourage, teach and motivate you to excel beyond your goals.

We hope you’ll be encouraged to jump right in. There is no substitute to actually joining in a few classes, meeting us all and giving it a good try. Give us a call, send an email or pop along to watch first, here at the Chinese Kung fu Organisation our aim is to make new students feel welcome and at ease.

Ordinary people can become extraordinary with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Achieve! Develop yourself! (Highest Wing Chun Kung Fu?)
Are You Serious About Your Self Development? –

- Achieve a Black Belt with a successful and proven course
- Achieve serious realistic street Self Defence
- Achieve a Fitter and Healthier YOU – can be combined with approach to permanent weight loss.

Want to Achieve a Black Belt and reach a high level in a serious and recognised style with the most reputable organisation in the area?
This is Self Development of the Best kind...
I have seen this work for many people over my 4 decades in Kung Fu – the practice of a good and decent life led by the fascination of the amazing combat technology and mysterious history of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
This a totally different take for some people but YES authentic Kung Fu has been used by the Chinese for over a THOUSAND years for personal development. In self-development you may think of executive approaches, religion, NLP, philosophy or some sort annual faddish keep fit class but this what we do has been proven for hundreds of generations.
Join us and you will be joining the best in the area.
We boast:

- Most successful students in the area with
- Longest serving students (over 15+ years)
- Most comprehensive Ip Man syllabus
- Syllabus going beyond Ip Man syllabus
- Most and BEST Established Classes in the area
- Most courses personal, seminars and instructor.
- Executive Course, for unrivalled personal success
Join the best!
Highly qualified and very experienced instructors in all classes.

What are we?
(Already doing Wing Chun? Want to improve on what you have learnt? We can help you achieve a better understanding and higher level of skill and knowledge. Give us a call we can take you higher and satisfyingly) – First lesson FREE!
Classes in Warrington HQ personally taught by Master Tong Liu (English speaking), Wirral, Wigan, Frodsham/Helsby

www.chinesekungfuorganisation. com
call Master Tong Liu 07879 496988

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廖家拳 Liu Gar Kung Fu (family class)
- THE Most Excellent Family Class in the area!!!
- Self confidence
- Health and Fitness
- Discipline
- Respect
The Liu Gar Class at Warrington is the leading class for AUTHENTIC quality Kung Fu. Designed for the development of young people giving them the best of traits and doing it all in a happy environment.
Kids love this class!
Also for adults. Mums and dads and other big kids are welcome to join!
For Kung Fu choose the Chinese Kung Fu Organisation – why go second best?
- Widest range of courses, classes, private lessons, seminars, instructors courses, camp, most comprehensive syllabi.
WIDEST Range of weapons training anywhere in Warrington by far.
- UNRIVALLED experience(45 years)
- UNRIVALLED and unique lineage(direct from Hong Kong, also family lineage)
- BEST established classes all round
Every Monday and Wednesdays 5-6pm, First lesson FREE (just £6 per lesson, monthly payments available)
At: Cheshire Martial Arts Ctr, 1st Floor, Evans House, Norman Street, Warrington, Wa2 7HW
07879 496988,

(Adult classes also available Tues and Thur 8:30pm start Teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu at its Best)
中國功夫會 廖家拳 詠春拳
Master Tong Liu
Chief Instructor and founder

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Please come along and show your support and train with great instructors from around the UK

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