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The Chinese Kung Fu Organisation of Warrington

The Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the leading Kung Fu club in Warrington offering the teachings of the original and authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu syllabus as practiced by the likes of the famous Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung .

Situated in the heart of Warrington, the Chinese Kung fu Organisation boasts a fully matted indoor training area, kids and family classes, adult classes, our own instructors course and host numerous seminars throughout the year including weapons, Chi Sau and close combat skills amongst many others.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate style in martial arts or to just improve your general fitness the Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the club for you, come along and experience it for yourself. From complete novices to seasoned martial artists, we offer a fun and friendly atmosphere with the greatest teaching concepts.

Chief instructor Sifu Tong Liu, a true genius, gentleman and master in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and our amazingly skilled mentors will encourage, teach and motivate you to excel beyond your goals.

We hope you'll be encouraged to jump right in. There is no substitute to actually joining in a few classes, meeting us all and giving it a good try. Give us a call, send an email or pop along to watch first, here at the Chinese Kung fu Organisation our aim is to make new students feel welcome and at ease.

Ordinary people can become extraordinary with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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The Martial Arts Summer Camp 2017

May 5, 2017, 3:00pm - May 7, 2017, 11:00am

Our Flagship event is up and ready! An amazing array of top martial arts from Jujitsu to Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido to Kali, Boxing to Staff Combat all taught by top time-served instructors in a happily buzzing environent! . BIG SURPRISE: 1. Last year we had the Masters' Presentations -what will we have this time? I can assure you it will be BIG on insight and fun! . 2.... Ha Ha Ha! As the year developes there will be things there that some of you have never seen...:-) . This event has been getting better and better every year and we have seen participation go up steadily and strongly. It promises and it delivers! A superb weekend of training with half board! . Remember the super flamboyant FMA Guru Zai who was teh surprise instructor last year? Here's what he's had to say: Guru Zain Azam: 'Just arrived safely from a long journey from the amazing Martial Arts seminar in Blackpool. Congratulations to Master Tong Liu for the very successful event. Thank you to all the dedicated instructors for sharing their knowledge in martial arts. And welcome to my brother in arms Zainul Azam& Tony Gregory who joined us today & represent FMA with me ' 2016 Camp . Remember the mind-bending Aikido master Ian Baily?, Here's what he had to say: I would like to thank Sifu Tong, Master Richard Tunstall, Master Uncle Bill , Guru Eric ,Guru Zain, Sifu Steve for a fantastic weekend of teaching and training great guy's and amazing tallents . Would lso like to thank the students for the time you gave us without you we wouldnt be where we are today .. . At the Norbrek Castle Hotel,Queen's Promenade, Blackpool FY2 9AA . Cost for the whole weekend including accomodation and half board is just £130.00. £50.00 deposit to reserve you place . Contact 07879 496988 (Kaeishi people contact Sensei Rich Tunstall)

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Open to all. See event details for the best short staff training available! ...

金蛇棍 Golden Snake Staff Work shop -event 16

October 2, 2016, 1:00pm - October 3, 2016, 8:30am

金蛇棍 - - 童子上山 - Golden Snake Staff Workshop - Workshop 5, Event 16, First form is ‘Tung Chee Surng San’ . EXCITING New next part of the training!!! We will be looking at NEW drills, NEW skills, NEW Combinations! . Want the first SET SPAR!!!??? YES?>>> . This is probably of the BEST Developed Weapon systems of all because of the combination of full formal approach that marries under pressure testing AND weapon to weapon skill development. This si absolutely brilliant to have esepcially for the mad martial artist who wants complete and well-organisaed learning. . Come along! Crazy but this Sunday Workshop is at regular group lesson price at just £8!!!! . It is TRUE>>> the Golden Snake is going from strength to strength! . This is as UNIQUE as you will ever get in martial arts. . Fast Attack, ingenious techniques. Derived from Hakka Kung Fu. . Don’t worry if you haven’t been to any of the workshops. There are still some left. We will need to establish it with : -Full form -Full drills -Full Applcations The MOST unique of any staff work? This is the fastest Short staff approach that we know with some 'Poisonous Techniques'. We have started the first form 童子上山 (Tung Chee Surng San, Little Boy Goes up the Mountain). THIS IS as unique as it gets in any martial arts. With full original forms, drills and applications to the true martial artist it sis truly wonderful. I am also not bothered what martial arts background you are from. So long as you are respectful and willing to learn that is all you need. I know for instance in Taekwondo and Karate generally you will not have learnt weapons much at all. Here you have a wonderful and rare opportunity to learn an original weapon style - using stances you already have!! Contact me. You will not be disappointed. What is so Special about the Golden Snake Staff?: - Fastest short staff methods that we know - Use of stances from the Hakka Clan of people/Kung Fu and with very quick footwork - Complete original forms. Excellent drills and technique development. Superb Applications. - Applications against short, medium and long weapons. . If you are not a CKO member and want to get onto this please message me here on FB first. Intro price of just £8!!! Thank you 1:00pm to 2:30pm , 02nd October, 2016, Sunday, Cheshire Martial Arts Centre, 1st Floor, Evans House, Norman Street, Warrington, WA2 7HW Regards 07879 496988

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Excellent weekend of workshops, advanced and indoor sessions.
The Golden Snake advancing well with further applications development. Things are really rolling well!


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