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The Chinese Kung Fu Organisation of Warrington

The Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the leading Kung Fu club in Warrington offering the teachings of the original and authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu syllabus as practiced by the likes of the famous Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung .

Situated in the heart of Warrington, the Chinese Kung fu Organisation boasts a fully matted indoor training area, kids and family classes, adult classes, our own instructors course and host numerous seminars throughout the year including weapons, Chi Sau and close combat skills amongst many others.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate style in martial arts or to just improve your general fitness the Chinese Kung fu Organisation is the club for you, come along and experience it for yourself. From complete novices to seasoned martial artists, we offer a fun and friendly atmosphere with the greatest teaching concepts.

Chief instructor Sifu Tong Liu, a true genius, gentleman and master in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and our amazingly skilled mentors will encourage, teach and motivate you to excel beyond your goals.

We hope you'll be encouraged to jump right in. There is no substitute to actually joining in a few classes, meeting us all and giving it a good try. Give us a call, send an email or pop along to watch first, here at the Chinese Kung fu Organisation our aim is to make new students feel welcome and at ease.

Ordinary people can become extraordinary with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Class running well and happily! Good also to see a couple of newies. :-D

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Over the weekend Three of out students achieved their Black Sashes. One of the hardest physical tests they have ever taken. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Roy Medlam, Bill Walsh and Colin Lloyd.

A brilliant achievement. Thank you to those who helped also. Thank you all.

Well done!

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There is an old sating in Kung Fu that says 'Learning Kung Fu without drilling/practise you will be empty even when old'.

Basic Drilling, nice and simple here enjoyed in unison with a class of people - feels good.

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