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About Us

Chinese Kung fu Organisation of Warrington

We are Warrington’s leading Kung Fu Organisation and here you will:

  • Gain great leaps and bounds in confidence
  • Reach extremely high levels of health and fitness
  • Master superb, realistic, street self-defence techniques
  • Achieve all of this while making friends and having fun

You will be privileged to be learning the finest techniques of any martial art in the World.

Be it Wing Chun Kung Fu or Liu Gar Kung Fu there is no better, more experienced or more authentic Sifu as ours here at the CKO.

Warrington’s own Kung Fu Master, Sifu Tong Liu Founder and Chief Instructor of the Chinese Kung fu Organisation teaching you the highest concepts in martial arts.

Here at the CKO you will be taught by an excellent instructor who is a leading expert in his field and a true gentleman. He believes that he is not only teaching you how to fight but teaching people to be better human beings.

Sifu Tong Liu combines discipline and modern free learning sections with interaction, whilst always being friendly and courteous.

Thuggish behavior is not encouraged and will not be tolerated at this club.

When you join, you will be in an environment where all people are disciplined and either are or will become, naturally trustworthy. We are all very cooperative and willing to teach so long as the student is willing to learn.

With students ranging from 6 yrs to 60 yrs, college students to managing directors, fitness levels from couch potoato to athelete, any sex, race, colour or creed from all walks of life, experienced martial artists to absolute beginners, we all work together with one thing in common, we all love Kung Fu!