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Family / Children Class - Liu Gar Kung fu

Suitable for all ages

Increase self-confidence! Stop bullying!

The most important gift for young people promoting respect, discipline, morals, leadership and superb health and fitness.

Teaching the complete authentic form of Liu Gar, which includes both bare hands and a full array of weapons to learn and achieve an outstanding level.

Great for both adults and kids!

Adult Class - Wing Chun Kung fu

Suitable for ages 16+

Teaching the orginal and authentic Wing Chun syllabus covering a wide range of applications and sparing whilst maintaining the traditional art form.

Suitable for men, women and young adults of all physiques and fitness levels.

Improving self-confidence and promoting health and fitness.

Wing Chun concentrates on realistic applications that can be developed by ordinary people very quickly, avoiding wasting valuable time and technique for the goal of extreme flexibility.

Wing Chun’s simplicity and directness means you can achieve a higher level of self defence and combat ability.

Private Lessons

Develop at twice the speed

Accelerate Your Learning By Double! 100% Attention on you! Pass Your Gradings with Confidence Every Time! Arrange to Suit Your Own Time!

You will get through gradings easier – because you will be pushed.

You will have also the benefit of fitting in times to suit only you and Sifu instead of a whole class. There is so much flexibility here.

Learn with ZERO mistakes and ZERO bad habits! This is one of the main reasons why people have their training in the long run slowed down. Developing bad habits means you will have wasted time practicing them then you have the problem of unlearning them which sometimes is very tricky.

Learn with Confidence! Learn at Your Own Pace Whether it is Taking it Easy or Intensely to Achieve Goals.

Private lessons are held at Warrington only.

Executive Course - Wing Chun

The most effective training possible!

Executive Courses are private and personal. You can advance quickly to an extremely high level in a shorter period of time saving you money.

The average time for a beginner to reach Black Sash is normally about 4 years, with the executive range you will be looking at just 18 months!

Stage 1 Siu Lim Tau – normally 6-12 months, with the Executive Course approximately 4 months.

Stage 2 Chum Kiu – normally 12 months, with the Executive Course approximately 6 months.

Stage 3 Biu Jee – normally 2 years or more, with the Executive Course approximately 8 months.

To get on one of these courses you will be required to qualify a simple physical test. All grading costs and special training days covered.

Master Tong will teach all variations and all aspects to a level that no other master can. The skill level that we specify for Black Sash is the highest of any syllabus.

Sifus Schedule


Cheshire Martial Arts, 1st Floor Evans House, Norman St. Warrington, Cheshire WA2 7HW

Tuesday – 8.30pm to 10pm ( £8 )
Wing Chun – Adult Class

Wednesday – 5pm to 6pm ( £6 )
Liu Gar – Family / Children Class

Thursday – 8.30pm to 10pm ( £8 )
Wing Chun – Adult Class


St. Michaels Church, Marshlands Road,
Neston, Ceshire CH64 4AD

Wednesday – 7pm to 8.30pm ( £6 )
Wing Chun – Adult Class


Ryu Do Martial Arts Centre
Landgate Inustrial Est. Wigan Road
Bryn, Wigan WN4 0BW

Tuesday – 7pm to 8pm ( £6 )
Wing Chun – Adult Class