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Want to enjoy one of the best Martial Arts Camps in the UK?
Want to get some high quality learning with

Jujitsu – Excellent! both from stood up and groundwork. No politics just good stuff. Uncle Bill Griffiths 8th Dan and Sensei Rich Tunstall

Wing Chun – Clever Close quarter Work. The original authentic style. Highly effective. Fascinating. Master Tong Liu (46 years experience) and Sifu Steve Cross

Filipino Martial arts – meet Gurus Eric Amada and Zainul Azam two of the MOST super charismatic instructors that you will ever meet.

More names to follow.

Held at the Norbrek Hotels in Blackpool and is cheap as chips for what we are offering. You get accommodation that is half board. You get there for Friday night/afternoon. No formal lessons that night but you can join the Free to roll Jujitsu chaps or join in the medieval weapons play ( we had a lot of fun here!)

Saturday is 10am to 5pm (one hour lunch in between). Night time we drink and some drink until silly! Some go around the town. We take the tram (which nowadays is luxury compared to what they used to have.

Sunday 10am to 4:30-ish. again one hour lunch in between. We do farewell. Photos have a cry before going home!

All included all accommodation half board and all seminars and classes just £132.00
For one day only it is £76.
Seminars and training only with no accommodation £30 per day paid upfront. (£40 per day if paid on the day)

This seminar has been getting better and better year in year out. We have hasd some truly charismatic and interesting people on this camp. Feedback from people who go on this and others is that this is definitely one of the best in the UK and one of the most enjoyable.

I have done a load of these for other people also and I can tell you we have the best opening ceremony of the lot with some excellent demonstrations!

Want to get on one the best Martial Arts Experiences?

Time to get on this now!
Deposit £60. as soon as you can please to secure your place

Kind Regards