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Wing Chun Mentors

Sihing Jack Ball

Mr enthusiasm himself. The CKO’s resident “spider monkey.” Leaping through the air and somersaulting over the mats with ease, yet able to switch back to basics within the blink of an eye.

A genuine, friendly fellow, always a smile on his face and kung fu oozing from every pore. His love for the art is contagious and he shares his knowledge with obvious joy.

At ease taking full classes or tackling basics with beginners Jack is an invaluable addition to the club.

Jack“I’ve been with the club since 2002 and it has been an experience that has helped define and shape me into the hard working person I am today. When I first started at the CKO I had no experience in any martial art but always wanted to get into some kind of fighting discipline, this was the perfect place for me.”

“The first impressions of the club were brilliant, a warm welcome from all who was part of the club, straight from the first lesson everyone helped out to get the best results sharing any knowledge they had without a second thought, which I think is one of the best qualities of the CKO.”

“We encourage the sharing of information on diet, training, techniques, experiences and pretty much anything else we think would be valuable to others and promote a non ego focused environment. We want people to realize their full potential and work towards attaining it.”

“Over the years my training has been focused on the main Wing Chun syllabus and has proved time and time again that it isn’t just effective in real life situations but also helps to focus the mind and act as a tool for higher levels of control of the body and mind.”

“If you have taken a look at the gallery you will probably come across pictures of me and a few others showing off in some way or another. I enjoy to play around with the flash “cool” stuff, like high kicks, flying kicks and just generally tricking / kind of free running adaptions. This is mainly for fun but has proven its usefulness in extreme circumstances.”

“The training is of the highest quality and we don’t dismiss any other martial arts, all is relevant in the venture to develop the best techniques. We listen, discuss and analyse. Use the best points, remove the weaker points, then test it. If it works we develop it further to combine with what we already know.”

“We love a challenge and new ideas.”

“This is only a sample of the attractions that the CKO has to offer. To stop me babbling on, why don’t you come down and see for yourself.”

“You will be greeted with a smile and respect. Whatever you wish to attain, we will do our best to get you there whilst having a damn good time along the way.”

Sihing Andrew Galsworthy

A polite, friendly and well spoken young man. Always full of energy Andy is at his happiest bouncing around the club, sharing his enthusiasm with one and all. Our very own “Mr Bendy” with an uncanny flexibility to astound most everyone. From the shyest wall flower to the most confident of beginners Andy will adapt to your needs and bring out the best in you.

Every person is greeted with the same friendly grin and shown genuine care and attention, no matter what he is doing Andy is always prepared to stop and help at any time.

Andy“I first started in 2004 just after I had turned 14 before the rules changed and the class became 16 plus. At the time I had joined the school rugby team but some of the players were not happy about it and started bullying me. My brother had been with CKO for some years previously so suggested I join.”

“After only 2 weeks rumours started spreading around school that I could block anything (probably started by me showing off to my friends) any way the rumours got back to the bullys and they thought they would test it. The biggest of them swung for me and with a simple pak sau punch, chain punch I became victorious and the whole group never touched me again.”

“During first lesson Sifu brought out the wooden dummy and I thought he was going to break it with the speed and power he was going at it! I had “the bug” from day one.”

“It took me 4 years to get my black sash, I took the grading with Morgan and Tom peroni, just us 3 to do everything! After 27 rounds of 2 on 1 sparring where we were going all out, what seemed liked hours of blind fold chi sau and everything else we had to do we were exhausted! But all of it worth every moment!”

“As for about me I’m an open book what you see is what you get, I’m a friendly, happy, helpful young man and always like to welcome newcomers with a quick hello even before getting on the mats. Feel free to call out for any help or advice at any time”

Sihing Gareth Causer

A man of patience and understanding, Gareth with his laid back attitude will spend as much time as needed to guide you through any difficulties you may have, always with a friendly smile and an avid attention to detail you will from day one feel at ease to call him over for any problem big or small.

Nothing is too much trouble for Gaz to help you with, from flying kicks through the air to basic punches, each and everything is given the same priority.

Gareth“I joined the CKO in April 2008 after seeing a flyer my brother in law had picked up from a local chip shop advertising the club. After plucking up the courage to attend my first class when it was hosted at great sankey leisure centre I was instantly addicted!”

“This was a small class after only recently being set up but was easy to settle in to and I was always made to feel welcome. In the time since joining I have reached high levels and exceeded my first expectations”.

“You may ask, why the CKO?”

“Well it was the perfect fit for me as it is always politics free, everyone is welcome and even though we strive for excellence we always find time to have a little fun. Through Wing Chun I have not only developed lightening fast combat skills but excellent physical fitness right through to my core.”

“If it was good enough for bruce lee then it is good enough for me!”

“As for me I like to think I am a what you see is what you get kind of person, I will always offer my help and share the knowledge I have gained while encouraging the best from everyone. Don’t forget, even us mentors were beginners once upon a time!”

Sihing Andrew Schofield

The class clown. It’s hard not to smile and have fun learning with Andy. His ability to make everyone feel at ease using his sense of humour is perfectly combined with his wealth of knowledge.

Explaining all things in the simplest of terms for all to understand, for Andy Kung Fu means Kung Fun and thats what you’ll have learning with him.

Andy“I studied a few martial arts before finding the CKO. I started in university studying Judo for a brief time, but realised quickly that the focus was mainly on just cardio and fitness not the art, and so I left.”

“I later took up Karate, but the instructor left the site and class. Following a second disappointment, whilst searching on the internet for martial arts in my local area I found wing chun and the CKO. After speaking to Sifu Tong Liu, meeting the class and trying it out I was totally hooked.”

“I completed all my Red Belt gradings in 6 months and my Green Belt gradings in 9 months, progressing only when I felt ready. I am now currently half way through my Brown Belt gradings and hope to achieve my Black Belt by September 2012.”

“I enjoy the application of class methods and teaching these to the beginners and lower grades as it gives me the chance to refresh, develop and apply them. I enjoy the class a great deal and will continue here for the foreseeable future.”

As well as gaining the knowledge and skills from Warringtons own Kung fu Master Sifu Tong Liu here at the CKO we also boast some highly skilled mentors, always on hand to help, advise and encourage, no matter what your capabilities