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Kung-Fu Styles

Wing Chun

Wing Chun will teach you the most advanced hand to hand combat methods in the world. Its close quarter capability is second to no one. It contains the fastest and most fearsome attacking techniques therefore we cannot accept anyone under 16yrs.

Unique close quarter ‘sensitivity’ training can turn a person from mediocre to surprisingly proficient. A good example of this is that of a short underweight man who was also heavily short-sighted.

“He studied Wing Chun like his life depended on it. He became so confident and good at his art he started challenging people twice his size, literally – even if these people were a head taller and trained in combat! And he won! In fact he went to the USA and just about challenged everyone he thought worth challenging. He was crazy enough to challenge top JuJitsu and Karate experts. Then he went on to find champions to challenge – he even challenged Muhamad Ali who was about 100lb heavier than him. Just about everyone he challenged was bigger than him by a massive margin. He still won”. Ladies and gentlemen, that man just described was Bruce Lee .

Wing Chun works from a core of the most important area in combat-that is close quarters. Just about in every real fight you will have to deal with this. Its core is therefore a core of techniques that are extremely effective and realistic.

This art which you will be learning is the distilled core from generations of masters in the past who themselves went out to test their findings in the old fashion way, which is to go out and pick a fight. In test after test and challenge after challenge the masters have boiled down to the syllabus which you will be learning – the famous Yip Man.

This is the syllabus that masters and legends like Bruce Lee got consumed in.

Here are just some of the ‘technologies’ developed that you will acquire to your advantage and these advantages are totally incomparable.

This is the most famous theory in the whole of the martial arts and it is predominantly a Wing Chun theory and I say that because it is so useful that many other arts have taken it for their own use but only Wing Chun uses it to the full. You will learn this and use this to hone your striking ability and defence to there highest possible efficiency.

You will be taught the most efficient defence system at close quarters in the world without having to wrestle – this is a massive advantage if you are unfortunate enough to come up against a thug with who is as wide as he is tall and has a Mike Tyson neck, because if you wrestle with him the chances are that he will break your neck.

With Wing Chun not only do you not need to wrestle you do not need to use clumsy blocking methods use by other arts that basically require you to use some sort of strength against strength. Our defence system is a DEFLECTION SYSTEM – it uses minimum force and energy to deflect a much MUCH larger force.

The training requires you to throw away your present basic reactions! Then they will be replaced with reactions that will give you much better positions and situations. A ‘block’ will not result in you on the defencive like in other arts but actually put you in a better position! Then because you put little effort into the defence in terms of energy you will have much more attention on hitting your opponent. In fact all defence movements can turn into attack (same arm without having to retract) – not only that, this is the only martial art whereby the technique can in mid-trajectory turn into something completely different.

The original authentic syllabus

Siu Lim Tau (‘Little Idea’)
Is considered the most ingenious set of movements in martial arts. Split into three sections whereby the first section is the nurture of energy, the second is the execution of energy and thirdly the basic hand combinations.

Chum Kiu (‘Seeking Bridge’)
The use of angles, all angles and on both sides (Wing Chun is ambidextrous), basic stepping, timing, searching and sticking and dealing with the energy of an opponent.

Biu Jee (‘Thrusting Fingers’)
At one time one of the most secretive forms ever in the history of Kung Fu. Only a couple of generations ago you would not have been able to learn this form unless you were THE top student of the master. It is a highly attacking form involving multifunctional and emergency escape techniques (also ‘cheat’ techniques)

Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)
The legendary Wooden Dummy is the most important and most famous piece of Kung Fu equipment in history and still is. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is derived from the Shaolin one except that the Wing Chun masters have really developed it to the highest level of any wooden dummy making it the best by a very wide margin.

The weapons are the Six And Half Point Pole ( long weapon ) and the famous Butterfly Knives ( short weapon ). You will by this time have learned Knife and stick work.

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Liu Gar

Liu Gar is Sifu Tong Liu’s family Kung Fu. Excellent for children and families alike.

Liu Gar Kung Fu is a traditional Southern Chinese self-defence system, based on the defensive movements of several animals, as originally taught to the monks of the Shaolin Temples.

The goal of Liu Gar is to teach not only an authentic classical style of Kung Fu but also qualities most desirable in personal development, – namely Respect, Discipline, Good Morals and Superb Health and Fitness, for the student to learn all of the above and to benefit others by passing it on.

The Student can expect many great things in his/her learning of Liu Gar. Its wide variation in forms ranges from the extremely simple to the highly sophisticated. The sophistication is not only in expression but combat technology.

The first two forms are simple block and punch with change in direction. From then on the forms become longer and progressively more advanced.

At later stages the student can look forward to learning the blade-flashing broadsword, short staff, pole and the highly impressive spear. Many styles do not teach any weapons at all. We have an array of great weapons to look forward to!

Adults will also be given the opportunity to learn some very serious street self-defense/combat – both resulting in the very best of students.