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Thank you very much for an great seminar and answering my question, your ideas made a lot of sense, one of the most informal relaxed seminars I have been to. The thing I found good was that you have an open mind to your wing chun and at no time did you say one style of wing chun was better than another which is great to see. Any time you are doing any events ect, please let me know and I will be more than happy to put it on my website (news events page) and look forward to training (seminars) with you in the future. All the best
Sifu Tim Stanbridge
Was Absolutely Fan-bloody-tastic!!! Truely awesome!!! Great to meet you all and we shall definitely be training again real soon All the best
Sifu Neil Sydenham
I Have known Master Tong Liu my Sifu since around Summer 2000, He is dedicated to developing Wing Chun and his students and it shows with his awesome skill, advanced students and promising students. Other Great Martial Arts Masters and Instructors of Wing Chun and other styles hold Master Tong in extremely high regard. Master Tong has excellent Classes with great skill, fitness to push you, confidence building and a very friendly atmosphere to offer. Many people Choose the Executive course Master Tong has to offer which is tailored to develop high skill and ability quickly. I always look forward to Sifu's Seminars in which you can experience an insight into Sifu's unique approach to Wing Chun. With Master Tong you will learn a no nonsense rapid powerful System that will allow you to protect yourself, family and values and develop as a person and Martial Artist. I myself have defended myself using Wing Chun on a few occasions and i am very thankful to Master Tong. Last Summer in the Shop where i work i was confronted by a Man who has a reputation in that area and who scared the customers in my shop, as he raised his hands to me i used a Fak Sau (chop) to his face which sent him falling back, as he came at me again i palm striked him in the face sending him back again for a second time. he then decided to talk nicely and leave. Thank You Sifu. Master Tong is someone you can trust 100% and what you see is what you get, skill speed and devastating effectiveness.
Ian McDonough
Sifu Tong Liu is a top class Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor. He knows his stuff very well and he prides himself on high quality Wing Chun and all the other types of work he carries out from, fitness, strength, conditioning, street defences and so on. He likes to pass on his high standards to his students. He is very approachable and easy to speak to. He knows how to get the best out of people and he believes that if you are going to do something do it to the best of your ability and to a very high quality standard. From past experiences I have found that a lot of martial art instrustors are more interested in money as opposed to the quality of what their students learn. Some instructors don't have any structure in what they teach and they don't grade people for like 4 years or so and then they say for example give me £300 and I will give you a black belt. Other instructors I have had, where they have had a decent structure in what they teach and in grading but they have it where they will enter you for grading and pass you when the quality is poor. I can gladly say that Sifu Tong Liu is an honest person and he will only enter you for grading when he is an 100% sure that you are ready and that the quality of your moves are to an high standard. I started out just going to the normal classes twice a week at first and I enjoyed it but it was hard to get used to it all to start with so I felt a private lesson was necessary and by god I was impressed and I learned an awful lot. When my student loan came through I got more money than I thought I would get, so I thought what could be a better investment than to invest on the Wing Chun Kung Fu executive course. Since I have been on it I have come on leaps and bounds in: wing chun, fitness, strength, confidence, balance and co-ordination. It isn't cheap but it is well worth the money I couldnt recomend it enough. The only thing I regret is not doing Wing Chun Kung Fu earlier. I just can't get enough of it I do 2 private lessons a week and I go to the normal classes twices a week. Sifu Tong Liu is by far the best ever martial arts and fitness instructor I have ever know. Anyone who is interested in wing chun, street defences, improving their strength and fitness Sifu Tong Liu is always the first person I would recomend.
Michael Blackledge
I can highly recommend Master Tongs' Wing Chun Class. The class is extremely friendly with higher graded students assisting the intermediate and beginner grades. Master Tong Liu has a 12 stage grading syllabus & teaches authentic Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a highly respected fighting system. Its not the 'Kung Fu' that you see in films or on the tv. It’s the Kung Fu that would allow you to protect yourself and family! Some of the 'side effects' of training Wing Chun seem to be more confidence and a better quality of life. Come and try it! There’s worst things you could get 'hooked' on!..
Pete Roberts
Master Tong, It was my absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday in Birmingham. I was disheartened with a lot of my previous wing chun experience and left it for tong long but you have give me a whole new perspective and more respect for the art not to mention yourself being a true master and a genuinely cool guy 😉 Great time yesterday! God bless
Luke Holloway
Hi Sifu, I have been studying different arts under different instructors for a number of years now specifically in Kapap/Krav Maga, Western Boxing and Filipino arts. I took up Wing Chun 3 years ago and have been studying under Master Tong Liu for the last 7 months and can honestly say I have advanced more in that time than I had studying Wing Chun for two plus years previously. Its great studying under a Sifu who is not stuffy/aloof but so enthusiatic, friendly, open and willing to share both his extensive experience and knowledge. Personally I have covered forms, drills, dummy training, short range power, aggression training, sensitivity drills (chi sao and hubud) blade work the list goes on. I was about to turn my back on Wing Chun until I was recommended Master Tong, since that first lesson I haven't looked back. Having studied different arts with the focus being firmly on 'Reality Based Self Defence' Master Tong consistently displays the street effectiveness of Wing Chun through consistent application of techniques. Effectively Master Tong backs up everything he teaches and believe me you know it will work when under pressure. His speed, power and no nonsense direct techniques are hugely impressive. His focus on the psychological aspects of a confrontation are the most invaluable of all and in effect pressure tests his Wing Chun in very real scenarios so his students are not only equipped with the physical skills but also the mental skills required for the 'Killer Instinct'. What I really like about Master Tong is his encyclopaedic knowledge of Chinese Kung Fu styles and his ability to look at different systems, see their benefits and can correlate this directly with Wing Chun moves and principles. Also Master Tong consistently looks to move Wing Chun forwards incorporating new methods of training and application of techniques to bring Wing Chun into the 21st Century. This is of huge benefit to Wing Chun but more importantly you the student. Perhaps Master Tong's best endorsement is the quality of his students which is of a very high standard. This just reflects on Master Tong's ability and his approach to training. I look forward to continuing to grow and develop new skills under Master Tong Liu. Teacher and friend!
Bill Nicholson
Hi Sifu, Thought I would write to you to thank you for helping me to achieve my black sash in Wing Chun Kung fu. This has been a childhood ambition and now achieved as an adult holds no less for me in pride and self respect. I know the extra tuition in private lessons were invaluable in speeding the process, but also keeping the skill level high and I think everyone knows your ambition to teach and pass on only the best in skills/quality to your students, that was why I signed up for the Executive Course. WOW best decision ever!! Full on training at least twice a week all the way through to Black Sash, so my fitness also improved 100%, AND all workshops included really good fun. When I have been frustrated and just needed to let off some steam you have done the Personal Workshop where we worked with some cool equipment, along side with pads and gloves to really push me, but keeping it fun, interesting and linked to my Kung Fu. Please keep up the excellent work. With respect,
Carl Sullivan